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My videos, images, musics and others, that can be seen and freely downloaded by anybody from this web-site, may be considered "alternative"mainly because nobody has to pay to get them. I won't say anything about my own idea of video-art, images or art itself, because I hope my works are able to give enough informations about it. No explanations are needed.. Each video you can see in this web-site is part of a longer video I have produced and converted into MPEG2 for DVD. I only want to do one general statement: I use internet comunication because I believe that it has become a comunication instrument just as independent as cinema, TV or visual arts. My name is Virginio Sparavigna. I live in Italy.

creatura, short video, file .mp4creatura, file . mp4duration:0:00:10
file wmv.size 1,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,JANUAry 2014

soul,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artsoul,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:50
file wmv.size 4 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

17,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video art17,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:14
file wmv.size 1,17 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

bot,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artbot,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:08
file wmv.size 0,9Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

vision,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artvision,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:06
file wmv.size 0,9Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

head,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artbit,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:08
file wmv.size 1,1 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

head,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video arthead,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:14
file wmv.size 1,1 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

h_world,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video arth_world,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:09
file wmv.size 1 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

action,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artaction,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:12
file wmv.size 1,7 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

raw_medit,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artshort_yoga,alternative comunicationduration:0:00:17
file wmv.size 2 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

old short videosold short videos February 2007