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Alternative video infos

My videos, images, musics and others, that can be seen and freely downloaded by anybody from this web-site, may be considered " alternative" mainly because nobody has to pay to get them. I won't say anything about my own idea of video-art, images or art itself, because I hope my works are able to give enough informations about it. No explanations are needed.. Each video you can see in this web-site is part of a longer video I have produced and converted into MPEG2 for DVD. I only want to do one general statement: I use internet comunication because I believe that it has become a comunication instrument just as independent as cinema, TV or visual arts. My name is Virginio Sparavigna. I live in Italy.

videos from april 2006 to 24th october 2007      
videos from october 2007   to september 2010
videos from september 2010   to 2012
videos from october 2012   to now


     art -videos


death inside lifedeath inside life duration:0:04:47
file wmv., size 18,7 MB, streaming 548k,October 2007

mind and deaththe death of my mind duration:0:09:36
file wmv., size 36,6 MB, streaming 548k,October 2007

meditation and coloursmeditation during the night duration:0:05:09
file wmv., size 19,06 MB, streaming 548k,October 2007

reincarnationreincarnation duration:0:07:51
file wmv., size 30,6 MB, streaming 548k,October 2007

from mind to soulfrom mind to soul duration:0:06:15
file wmv., size 25,6 MB, streaming 548k,September 2007

inside my bloodinside my blood duration:0:06:38
file wmv., size 26 MB, streaming 548k,September 2007

prana and space the space of prana duration:0:09:38
file wmv., size 38,18MB, streaming 548k,September 2007

inside yoga yoga inside yoga duration:0:05:30
file wmv., size 17,6MB, streaming 548k,September 2007

vibrations vibrations duration:0:10:30
file wmv., size 40 MB, streaming 548k,September 2007

angelic alteration alteration duration:0:08:15
file wmv., size 32.9 MB, streaming 548k,August 2007

run running for life duration:0:08:29
file wmv., size 33 MB, streaming 548k,August 2007

devil el diablo duration:0:05:15
file wmv., size 19,7 MB, streaming 548k,August 2007

to pray prayer duration:0:08:16
file wmv., size 31,9 MB, streaming 548k,August 2007

the martial touch martial shadows duration:0:05:32
file wmv., size 20,89 MB, streaming 548k,August 2007

the touch the touch duration:0:07:45
file wmv., size 30,1 MB, streaming 548k,August 2007

energy inside water energy duration:0:11:23
file wmv., size 43,9 MB, streaming 548k,July 2007

hart hard life duration:0:06:15
file wmv., size 24.5 MB, streaming 548k,July 2007

deepness there's a song into the water duration:0:10:36
file wmv., size 40.83 MB, streaming 548k,July 2007


here abstraction duration:0:07:45
file wmv., size 30.2 MB, streaming 548k,July 2007


prana in yoga prana,a contemporary interpretation duration:0:12:18
file wmv., size 47,5 MB, streaming 548k,July 2007

sacred animals inside the sacred garden duration:0:09:31
file wmv., size 37,3MB,streaming 548k,July 2007

soundtrack the body of the dancer duration:0:09:37
file wmv., size 37 MB,streaming 548k,July 2007

soundtrack meditation duration:0:09:36
file wmv., size 36,9 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

soundtrack soundtrack for dancersduration:0:09:58
file wmv., size 35,7 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

electroni piano red music and danceduration:0:10:13
file wmv., size 39,7 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

yoga yoga and energyduration:0:07:29
file wmv., size 29 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

virtual soul soulduration:0:10:12
file wmv., size 40,5 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

virtual spin spin 312duration:0:10:39
file wmv., size 39,3 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

GARDNER photographic gardnerduration:0:06:12
file wmv., size 24,3 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

dancing kiss kissduration:0:09:34
file wmv., size 38,3 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

dancing manshort poetry for dancersduration:0:0:34
file wmv., size 3,3 MB,streaming 748k,June 2007

dancing man wild hopenessduration:0:09:37
file wmv., size 37,3 MB,streaming 545k,June 2007

Giardino BArdini Bardini's Garden, Florenceduration:0:21:18
file wmv., size 51.4 MB,streaming 345k,June 2007

wild musical enviroment urban musicduration:0:10:18
file wmv., size 40,3 MB,streaming 548k,June 2007

floating the space of the dancerduration:0:09:03
file wmv., size 34,3 MB,streaming 548k,May 2007

blues song blues-singerduration:0:10:11
file wmv., size 42,3 MB,streaming 548k,May 2007

drawing a video drawing a videoduration:0:14:11
file wmv., size 32,3 MB,streaming 548k,May 2007

natural dust natural chakraduration:0:10:11
file wmv., size 14,3 MB,streaming 548k,May 2007




the way the way to the centerduration:0:10:11
file wmv., size 43,3 MB,streaming 548k,May 2007

guru don't crydon't stop the guruduration:0:13:11
file wmv., size 51,3 MB,streaming 548k,May 2007

yoga-visualizationmeditation duration:0:10:11
file wmv., size 39,3 MB,streaming 548k,May 2007

visual mood visual density duration:0:10:41
file wmv., size 41,3 MB,streaming 548k,April 2007


sad garden duration:0:07:42
file wmv., size 6,43MB,streaming 548k,April 2007

land poetry land-store duration:0:11:24
file wmv., size 24,3MB,streaming 548k,April 2007

compression compression duration:0:05:57
file wmv., size 23,6MB,streaming 548k,April 2007

air air solution duration:0:06:39
file wmv., size 25,6MB,streaming 548k,April 2007


last gang last gang duration:0:05:29
file wmv., size 23,4MB,streaming 548k,March 2007


simple walker simple walker duration:0:03:59
file wmv., size 11,4MB,streaming 548k,March 2007

concert concert for N duration:0:05:55
file wmv., size 23,4MB,streaming 548k,February 2007

river river duration:0:03:11
file wmv., size 12,4MB,streaming 548k,February 2007

terrible bird flight duration:0:03:59
file wmv., size 15,3MB,streaming 548k,February 2007

bit's love map(bit after bit) duration:0:09:01
file wmv., size 35,1MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

tiger feline-eyes duration:0:05:22
file wmv., size 22,3MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

free video day alfa-video duration:0:06:02
file wmv., size 23,2MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

just a quiet day day after day duration:0:07:21
file wmv., size 29,1MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

emotional mirror emotional mirrorduration:0:06:15
file wmv., size 23,6MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

blues fantasy blues and body duration:0:04:16
file wmv., size 17,6MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

it's not my soul brilliant-chorus duration:0:03:33
file wmv., size 12,6MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

classical web-man web-man duration:0:07:43
file wmv., size 33MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

web dancer in the space classic-dance duration:0:07:43
file wmv., size 29 MB,streaming 548k,January 2007

hypnptic attitude hypnptic attitude duration : 0:04:21
file wmv,16,4MB, streaming 548k, WMP10, December 2006

fury and water water-game duration : 0:03:21
file wmv,13,4MB, streaming 548k, WMP10, December 2006

the computer is dancing and running video-blogger duration : 0:04:31
file wmv,17,8MB, streaming 548k, WMP10, December 2006

dancing with light dance duration : 0:05:15
file wmv,21MB, streaming 548k, WMP10, December 2006

red friendship friends duration : 0:04:21
file wmv,17MB, streaming 548k, WMP10, December 2006

web dance web tribute,duration:0:06:45
streaming 548k, wmv file, size 26,3MB, November 2006,

blues video inside blues duration:0:05:37
streaming 548k, wmv file, size 21,3MB, December 2006,

free jazz obsessive cat duration:0:03:24
streaming 548k,wmv file, size 13,4 MB,December 2006

free dance along the road road-dance duration:0:04:16
streaming 540k,file wmv,size16,5MB November 2006

body distorsion body and colours: duration:0:04:16 streaming 540k
file wmw 8,5MB November 2006

video art video-dance duration:0:07:04
streaming 348k, file wmv, 17,6 MB, November2006

web-colours duration:0:03:00
streaming 540k, file wmv, size 11 MB, November 2006

free video art private garden: duration:0:01:24 streaming 540k
file wmw 3,5MB November 2006

theatre on the water and dance theatre duration:0:03:54
streaming 548k, file wmv size 15.4MB November 2006

more freedom in videos blues dancer duration: 0:07:25
streaming 548k, file wmv 9,8 MB, November 2006

pop video Pop body,duration : 0:07:53, size: 19,5MB, streaming 340k, WMP10, November 2006

free video style free video duration:0:03:37
streaming540k,file wmv,size 13,47MB November 2006

videoclip and happyness star of dogs duration:0:03:47
streaming540k,file wmv,size 12,47MB October 2006

robotic lovers robotic eye duration:0:05:00
streaming 540k,file .wmv,size: 19,6 MB, October 2006

video dance free dance duration:0:06:10
streaming 548k, file wmv size 25 MB, October 2006

web and emotion emotional face duration:0:0:24
streaming 540k,file .wmv,size: 1,6 MB, October 2006

video art and african colours Simple steps duration: 0:03:37
file wmv size 12,7 MB, streaming 580k. October 2006

natyre and video-art web-nature , duration:0:03:25
file wmv 13,45 MB, streaming 548k,October 2006

Dancing Inside my eye Dancing Inside my eye duration: 0:03:36
file wmv,size 13.6MB,streaming 548k,October 2006

electronic tango electronic tango duration:0:03:49
streaming 548k, file wmv size 14,49MB, October 2006

concert for body concert for body duration:0:03:50
streaming 540k,file wmv size 14,5MB October 2006

density around your body,free  body art density around your bodyduration:0:03:24
file wmv, size 13,14 Mb, streaming20,02k,October 2006

dancing with colours slowly together red waves dancing with colours together red waves
duration:0:05:24, file wmv 19,1 MB Streaming 548k
October 2006

soft dancer soft dancer duration:0:01:01
streaming 540k,file wmv size4,8MB, October 2006

techinal support and video technical abstraction duration:0:03:40
streaming 540k,file wmv size 11,5MB, September 2005

drawing and video art drawings ,duration:0:03:59
streaming 548k, wmv file, size 15,3MB, September 2006,

music and abstraction musical abstraction ,duration:0:03:46
streaming 548k, wmv file, size 15,3MB, September 2006,

destiny in video art destiny inside web duration:0:01:44
streaming 548k, file wmv, size 7MB,September 2006,

technical meditation technical meditation duration: 0:04:10,
September 2006
file wmv 16MB,584 streaming
file mov 4,16MBQuict Time 7.05

dancing inside deep water deep water duration:0:02:56
streaming 548k, wmv file, size 10,3MB, September 2006,

4m musical eyes duration:0:06:56
streaming 548k, wmv file, size 26,3MB, September 2006,

dance and yoga yoga and dance duration:0:01:06
streaming 548k, file wmv, size 4.5 MB,September 2006,

summer and the ghost video dance duration:0: 03:36
streaming 548k,file wmv, size 14MB,August 2006

bird'voice on the web bird's voice duration:03:05
streaming 548k,file wmv, size 12MB, august 2006

web and hell hell's web duration:0:02:02
streaming 548k, file wmv, size 7,50Mb,August 2006,

musical game musical web-game duration:0:04:06
streaming 548k, file wmv, size 14MB, August 2006,

simple house musical house duration: 0:04:47
streaming 548k,file wmw, size 18 Mb, August 2006

light and darkness in video art light and darkness duration: 0:05:54
file wmv, 22 MB, streaming 548k, August 2006

restless body inside a monitor restless body duration: 0:02:10
streaming 548k,file wmv 8,48MB,August 2006

cyternetic art cybernetic words duration:0:03:46
streaming 548k, file wmv 15,4MB, July 2006

emotions emotional web duration:0:04:0
streming 548k, file wmv, 15,4MB, July 2006

landscape amd sounds mystic web duration:0:03:50
streaming 540k,file wmv. 14MB, July 2006

robotic imagination robotic art duration: 0:02:23
streaming 540k, file wmv, 9.5 MB, July 2006

a silent web can't dance silent day duration: 0:03:08
streaming 540k, file wmv, size 12 MB, July 2006

cosmic food new cosmic food duration:0:04:13
file wmv, size 16MB, 540k streaming, June 2006

sumeer in a video-story next summer duration:0:02:0
file wmv, size 7,48MB, streaming 548k, June 2006

interstellar overdrive spaces' origin duration:0:.1:40
streaming 540k,file wmv 6,6MB June2006

drawings in a video video-drawing for the web
duration:0:03:00, streaming 540k. file wmv, size 11 MB
June 2006

war war and water duration:0:02:20
streaming 540k, filewmv.,size9,48MB, June 20006

face and web world face in web space duration: 0:02:45
streaming 540k, file wmv.size11,1MB, June 2006

genetic possession genetic sounds for web art
duration:0:04:48, file wmv,size18MB
June 2006

free art video free art and its moon duration:0:07:01
streaming 340k, file wmv. 17,1 MB June 2006

light stage lightness duration:0:05:16
streaming 540k, fie wmv.20MB. May 2006

nature in video art nature flight duration 0:03:44
streaming 340k, file wmv size 9 MB, May 2006

free visual jazz free video in free jazz duration :0:03:06
streaming 340k,file wmv size 7.06 MB, MAY 2006

birds' dance birds dance duration:0:02:14
streaming 340k,file wmv size 5,5MB May 2006

free download video contemporary video band duration::0:3:55
streaming 340k file wmv:13MB May 2006

slow art single,simple,images, duration:0:0:40, streaming 540k, file wmv size 2,45MB, April 2006

Nature, landscape, just walking around


Giardino BArdiniBardini's Garden, Florenceduration:0:21:18
file wmv., size 40,3 MB,streaming 345k,June 2007


river river duration:0:03:11
file wmv., size 12,4MB,streaming 548k,February 2007


Vasari, Duomo of Florence Cupola of the Duomo of Florence, intirior frescoes
streaminf 331k, file wmv 9 MB. Duration:0:04:10
April 2006

roof  of " S. Miniato a Monte, Firenze roof of " S. Miniato a Monte, Firenze
duration:0:02:36,file wmv 6,6MB, 340k streaming
March 2006

fishing in Florence, Italy fishing on sunday morning
duration:0:01:36, file wmv 3,3 MB,330 k streaming
February 2006

Maria Luisa de Medici, tradition where is Maria Luisa de Medici?
duration:0:02:30, file wmv size 5MB
300k streaming, February 2006

florence in winter the tiver Arno in Florence duration:0:02:03
file wmv size 5MB 300k streaming February 2006
title=" there is nothing crazy here inside" crazy florentine squares
file wmv 3MB, 341 k streaming, February 2006

just very short videos, just seconds  

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