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Sometimes I write in English.
The basic problem when talking about perception is that perception is a kind of
«ensemble» that one cannot divide into any kind of order, nor analyze
with a conceptual thougt. In perception everything exists beyond and
without the limit
of the compulsory choice between “true” or “untrue” or “yes” or “no”,
although we can’t say that one is dealing with “freedom”.
Perception flows inside channels, not all
channels are human-centric,
only a few channels are human-centric. Only a few channels start
their way from the Ego, which means that
most of perception is extra-ego and it’s because of such
caracteristic that one can sometimes
perceive something like spirits, post-mortem experience,
out-of-body experience,ecc. Actually, only living inside the channels
of the Ego one can imagine
that there’s only one reality,one body,one perception.
The channels of the Ego are very sofisticated, but they can exist
just because they are strictly connected with some channels that
intersect the Ego channels but do not start
from the Ego itself and do not stop in the Ego. Perception can
easily be a non Ego-perception, and by the way we must
remind that channels don’t finally flow into any kind of ocean: they just dissolve.
Basicly and normally, inside the channels of perception no circulation
takes place, but only a sort of expansion of the objects of perception,
and at the same time inside the channels of perception the same perception dissolves.